What I’ve Read, 2009.

Any and all hyperlinks below will direct you to books’ pages on Amazon for purchase, or to authors’ websites.  If you’re looking for my thoughts on what I’ve read, use the search feature on the sidebar.













* book group
** Keith had never read the books, so on a trip to New York, we listened to the audiotapes of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  When we got home, I just had to finish the series.  Again.

4 thoughts on “What I’ve Read, 2009.

    • Hi! I’ve actually read The Walking Dead before, but haven’t read the whole thing through since I first got the trade paperbacks. Now that there’s a new one out, I wanted to brush up on the backstory. How’ve you been liking them?

      • i’m enjoying them. i just finished book 3 and am trying to delay reading book 4. i might just read book 4 tonight. i ordered 5-9. i like your bloggings.

        • If I remember correctly, you’re about to hit some moments in The Walking Dead that made me gasp and drop the book. Multiple times.

          And thanks for the compliment!

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