Sandwich from The Biscuit, by way of Zing!

I understand that it isn’t yet eleven o’clock in the morning as I write this, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am already halfway through my lunch.

On most weekday mornings, I get started with a cappuccino or a latte from Zing! in Porter Square Books; this morning the sandwiches looked so amazingly tempting, plump triangles wrapped in shiny cellophane. Generally speaking I pack my lunch and tote it into work, but this happens to be one of the few days where I found myself commuting with only a banana and an apple to hold me over until dinner. I had planned on perhaps getting some sort of soba from the Asian food court inside Porter Exchange when, as I ordered my coffee, I realized that my stomach was already rumbling. So I did what I always do, and that is give in.

I selected the Veggie Goat’s Gruff: herbed goat cheese, roasted zucchini sliced incredibly thin, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions and greens on whole wheat. Goodness, it was delicious. The onions actually weren’t quite caramelized, but I didn’t mind because they gave a satisfying crunch to the sandwich. One of the ingredients, and it drives me crazy that I can’t quite put my finger on exactly which, added a surprising pickle-y tang that I absolutely loved.

Apparently the Veggie Goat’s Gruff and the other sandwiches available at Zing! come from The Biscuit on Washington Street in Somerville. While it’s not nearly as easy for me to pop by there on my way to work, it’s heartening to know that now I’ve got two more places to drop into when I’ve got a hankering for a sandwich.

Zing! at Porter Square Books
Porter Square Shopping Center
25 White Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02140