Five Things About Me: 81 82 83 84 85.

81. Towards the end of Ratatouille, when Anton Ego eats the dish of the title and is flung back to his childhood, the other members of the audience laughed.  I burst into tears.

82. I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to picking a nail color; though my go-to shades are navy, charcoal and black, I’ve slicked on bright cerulean blues, jazzy purples, cheerful fuchsias and mod whites.  I’ve never, however, had classic red nails.  They just seem very un-me.  And a little too “grown-up,” in a matching-lipstick, perfectly dressed, not-a-hair-out-of-place sort of way.

83. My parents never sent me to summer camp.  Instead, I would go into the city with them, and my mother would bring me around to the museums.  To this day, the Museum of Modern Art is my favorite, but not only because I love modern art.  I love it because I spent the most time there; it’s exactly eight minutes from my dad’s old office.

84. I can’t brush my teeth while looking in the mirror.  It grosses me out.  If you think this is odd, consider this: I never used to be able to watch someone else brush his or her teeth, overhear someone brushing his or her teeth, or brush my own teeth while someone else brushed his or her own teeth next to me.  Once, when I was in grade school, my cousin slept over and in the morning I thought I could conquer my disgust of simultaneous side-by-side brushing.  As soon as we sat down at the table for breakfast a few minutes later, I threw up.

85. For some reason, I really like Say Yes to the Dress.  I couldn’t tell you why.  I got married in a $375 bridesmaid gown I had made in white*, and only recently brought to the dry cleaner’s for the first time this past December.

* I had straps put on too, and my sash was pistachio.  In case you were wondering.  And I know you were.