More On My Friend Ben + Jonathan Franzen.

A while ago, my pal Ben sent me a hilarious email; in it, he described an interaction between him and a Starbucks barista who was convinced that Ben was Jonathan Franzen‘s doppelgänger. Apparently the resemblance holds, since Ben recently texted me the following:

Same barista. I still look like Franzen. She’s reading The Corrections. It’s living up to the hype.

I think this story will always make me laugh and, regardless, it’s as good a way as any to link to an essay penned by Franzen for MIT‘s Technology Review about “cell phones, sentimentality, and the decline of public space.” For those of you who haven’t read any Franzen, it’s a great introduction: funny, honest and thoughtful. Come to think of it, the same words could be used to describe Ben. Maybe they are the same person…?