Dinner at Match.

I’d only ever been to Match on Mass Ave for drinks, so when JD and I were trying to brainstorm dinner places that were convenient to us both, my mind started thinking Back Bay and the South End. Well, I don’t really consider Match to be in Back Bay, though I’ll admit that if you were get down to it, the burger and martini joint just might be right on the line.

Before we even decided what we would order individually, JD and I made a list of the side dishes we wanted to share. I’m a pretty easy-going kinda gal when it comes to sides, if I do say so myself, because as long as there are fries I’m happy as happy could ever be. Match’s fries ($2.50) are more of a wedge than a stick, but I had no problems at all with their shape. I only wished they had been a tad crunchier on the outside.

JD selected the other two dishes for us to split: grilled asparagus wrapped in prosciutto ($3.75), and a dish of mac and cheese (the price of which I forgot to jot down). Though I’m not normally an aficionado of asparagus, it must be noted that these had precisely the right balance of crisp and tender; each bite had a truly great snap to it. The mac and cheese, while not extraordinary, had a nice breadcrumb crust that JD and I both commented on.

The menu at Match is divided into starters, mini burgers, mains and sides; JD and I had purposely ordered three sides because we were each intrigued by some of mini burgers’ descriptions. Though I was especially interested in the lamb, I ended up with the lobster burger ($8.00), mostly because I really wanted to try the roasted red pepper aiöli. While my burger itself was extremely tender and moist, I really struggled to get a taste of the aiöli. It was subtle, but so much so that it was as if it didn’t even exist.

In the end, dinner at Match was a nice time, though I would have to describe it in the exact same way as the mac and cheese — not extraordinary. The food was perfectly fine and the ambiance was chic, though in an “expected” way with its sleek banquettes and moody lighting. Ultimately, though, would I return to Match? That’s a trickier question than it appears. Let’s put it this way: I wouldn’t suggest it as a dining destination, but if I were invited there by a friend, I wouldn’t turn him or her down. I would, however, order a lot of drinks.

94 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02115

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