Café Round-Up: Carberry’s Bakery + Coffeehouse.

Who: Carberry’s Bakery + Coffeehouse
Where: Central Square, Cambridge
When: Two and a half hours in the late afternoon.
Ordered: Foccaccia with chicken, mozzarella, red onions and chipotle mayonnaise, and a bottled Diet Coke for $8.80
Info: Extremely quiet, Magic Lite FM playing in the background so softly I have my iTunes on the lowest volume and still all I hear is my own music.  Patrons are definitely on the older side — I would guess forty is the average age.  Wooden chairs have excellent back support though the metal tables’ textured surface takes some getting used to, especially if writing by hand.  Two of my favorite features are 1) the huge, bright windows which let in a great deal of light, and 2) the small customer-only parking lot.  Wireless situation unknown.
Conclusion: Good for writers who need a quiet, bright space.

Carberry’s Bakery + Coffeehouse
74 Prospect Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

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