Coming Up!

In early November, my pal — and fellow New Yorker! — Stephanie had the absolutely brilliant idea of bringing together some friends, new and old, and starting a monthly supper club.  The basic idea is this:


The group would get together for dinner every four to six week, rotating amongst ourselves as to who would host each meal.  The host or hosts would then decide upon a theme (Mediterranean, squash, things that are red, etc.) and have first choice as to which course he, she or they would prepare.  The rest of us would be asked to bring the remaining courses to dinner, along with a bottle of wine, beer or similar, and Tupperware containers to bring home leftovers.  Then we could eat, drink, be merry, and have lovely conversations with new friends.  We planned to get together at my house late in December for our maiden voyage (maiden meal?) but unfortunately, we weren’t able to work it out.  It didn’t help that Boston got dumped with a gajillion inches of snow the day before, either.

This weekend, however, is our second go.  I think I might be even more excited about supper club now than I was in November, mostly because I’m using it as a reason to debut one of Keith’s Christmas gifts to me:  a raclette grill.  I’ve had raclette exactly once before, during a ski weekend that wasn’t quite a ski weekend, since only two people went skiing, and neither of them were me.  What it ended up being more than anything else was an eating weekend, and raclette was most definitely the gastronomic highlight.  Even now, more than two years later, I can easily rhapsodize about this cheese.  So I’m very much looking forward to Sunday, and to when we’ll be eating massive piles of melty raclette stirred into potatoes, mixed with caramelized onions, and spread onto crusty baguettes.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?  I’ll let you know how it all goes…  Aside from fabulously, of course!

(P.S. I was really happy with how the invitation to the Supper Club That Wasn’t turned out; the picture is actually from the first dinner I had at Persephone in Fort Point Channel last April.)

Food Diary, Day Seven.

7.30 – 7.44 am: Grapefruit and hard boiled egg.

9.48 – 11.15 am: Chocolate croissant, and sumo skim latte with sugar-free vanilla from Zing! I started off the morning starving, and now I am irritable. This does not bode well.

3.01 – 3.35 pm: Goat cheese and apple salad from Tavern in the Square, and a lemonade. It’s actually a pretty decent salad, with walnuts and dried cherries sprinkled throughout. More than you’d expect from a place with a deep-fried Snickers bar on the menu.

3.52 pm: Chocolate cherry chip cookie. I can’t believe I forgot that I replenished my stash this morning!

4.16 pm: A really pretty plum who skin blushed both pink and yellow. At first, it was sweet, then the flavor quickly turned tart.

5.16 pm: The second chocolate cherry chip of the day. Why am I eating these, when I have a perfectly lovely pear staring me in the face? In the words of Vince Clarke, before he left Depeche Mode, “I just can’t get enough.”

8.30 – 9.46 pm: Dinner with Darlington at Persephone, the restaurant in The Achilles Project, the newish boutique in Fort Point Channel. We split a side of macaroni and cheese; I had the Roasted Northeast Family Farms Beef Marrow Bone with a really fantastic parsley-caper salad as my meal. (Try saying that three times fast.) Also some red wine whose name escapes me right now, and a super-soft, bittersweet pomegranate-chocolate truffle.