Have I Mentioned That I Love Croissants?

Truly, I do. I wish I could make them, but I’m scared the situation would be just terrible for two specific reasons:

  1. Best case scenario: Completely failing at the task and becoming utterly frustrated and depressed, and left with a mound of rock-like (or sponge-like, or strangely-liquidy) dough, which I’m certain would mock me, along with a filthy kitchen with nothing to show for my labors.
  2. Worst case scenario: Completely succeeding at the task and becoming utterly thrilled and elated, and left with empty, flake-encrusted trays because I will have eaten each and every croissant and would therefore feel exhaustively guilty, so I would then bake even more croissants, which I would then devour right out of the oven, which would lead me to then throw out all of the necessary ingredients in order to prevent me from ever making croissants again. Oh, and I will have added approximately twenty-five more pounds to my already overly zaftig silhouette… which would then cause me to become utterly frustrated and depressed, and force me to go shopping because I will no longer be able to fit into any of my clothes.

As you can see, my dreams of making croissants will have to remain exactly that. Luckily, I can attempt to satisfy myself with the croissant wallpaper created by Clotilde at Chocolate and Zucchini. The croissants with the mauve background are currently brightening my work desktop, and making me feel very hungry indeed.

Maybe this wasn’t the best idea.

Breakfast at L.A. Burdick.

img_2247.jpg Really, is there a better way to kick off a workday than with a rich cup of hot chocolate? I think that no, there isn’t — unless the hot chocolate comes from L.A. Burdick’s.

There are two Burdick cafés — one at 47 Main Street in Walpole, New Hampshire, and the other at 52D Brattle Street in Cambridge — but I’ve only been lucky enough to have visited the location skirting Harvard Square. I can’t complain about that, however; over the years, I’ve had friends who worked behind the counter, and have been on the receiving end of more than my fair share of comped cakes, chocolate mice and cappuccinos.

Though I had years of free treats floated my way, I still stop by Burdick’s as often as my waistband allows — particularly when I think about the fact that the chocolatier offers your choice of milk, white or dark hot chocolate. Normally, I lean towards the dark chocolate, which is just as creamy and delicious over ice in the summer, but this time I went with the white. Now, I realize that, technically speaking, white chocolate isn’t truly chocolate, but it doesn’t change the fact that the drink is genuinely luscious. If I could afford to order enough to fill my tub, I think I might bathe in it. For now, however, I’ll settle for just plain drinking it.

L.A. Burdick
52-D Brattle Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

L.A. Burdick on Urbanspoon