Café Round-Up: Peet’s Coffee + Tea.

Who: Peet’s Coffee + Tea
Where: Harvard Square, Cambridge.
When: Two hours in the early afternoon.
Ordered: Almond croissant and small latte for $5.52
Info: Not a lot of seating.  Classical music in the background.  I don’t get a seat at the bar or on a bench, and find the chairs very uncomfortable.  Consider bundling up coat and scarf to make a supportive pillow of sorts for lower back.  Very limited sockets.  End up sitting next to the bathroom in order to plug in.  Very high-traffic area — don’t want to breathe too deeply, especially when door swings open.  Am so uncomfortable I contemplate leaving without writing; instead reposition self so can spy on patrons sitting in Ideal Spot on a high bench next to a socket.  When they leave I shall swoop in.  Feel like a vulture.  Free wireless, but access code needed to log in.
Conclusion: Avoid if you plan to linger or get any real writing done.

Peet’s Coffee + Tea
100 Mount Auburn Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

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Café Round-Up: Boston Common Coffee Company.

Who: Boston Common Coffee Company
Where: North End, Boston
When: Three and a half hours spanning early morning to just before lunchtime.
Ordered: Toasted onion bagel with lox and plain cream cheese, and a medium coffee for $6.20
Info: An utterly ridiculous amount of tables and chairs, though a slightly cluttered/cramped layout; the chairs seem awfully close to each other. Surprising amount of foot traffic, including many babies and lapdogs, but everyone seems to know everybody else; there’s a very neighborhoody vibe.  Bright and sunny, thanks to ceiling-height windows, but it’s awfully cold near the door. Comfy-looking sofa and armchairs next to a woodburning stove and an interesting panino selection — if I didn’t have a lunch date elsewhere, I’d certainly  take a break from writing to also order the “Sal”: prosciutto, Fontina, roasted red peppers and a fig spread. Next time though. Also: free wireless.
Conclusion: A cozy spot off of Hanover Street that probably gets packed with tourists on the weekend.

Boston Common Coffee Company
97 Salem Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02113

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Café Round-Up: Carberry’s Bakery + Coffeehouse.

Who: Carberry’s Bakery + Coffeehouse
Where: Central Square, Cambridge
When: Two and a half hours in the late afternoon.
Ordered: Foccaccia with chicken, mozzarella, red onions and chipotle mayonnaise, and a bottled Diet Coke for $8.80
Info: Extremely quiet, Magic Lite FM playing in the background so softly I have my iTunes on the lowest volume and still all I hear is my own music.  Patrons are definitely on the older side — I would guess forty is the average age.  Wooden chairs have excellent back support though the metal tables’ textured surface takes some getting used to, especially if writing by hand.  Two of my favorite features are 1) the huge, bright windows which let in a great deal of light, and 2) the small customer-only parking lot.  Wireless situation unknown.
Conclusion: Good for writers who need a quiet, bright space.

Carberry’s Bakery + Coffeehouse
74 Prospect Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

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Café Round-Up: Flat Black Coffee Company.

Who: Flat Black Coffee Company
Where: Financial District, Boston
When: Two and a half hours early on a weekday afternoon, beginning at lunchtime.
Ordered: Iced vanilla latte as sweet as pudding for $3.83
Info: Nice big windows on two walls, counters running along the length of them with saddle stools tucked underneath.  Aside from a pair of businesspeople sitting in glossy crimson chairs and having a tête-à-tête over coffee, I am the only other patron so I have my pick of seats and sockets, the latter of which there are an impressive amount.  Surprisingly loud considering how empty it is — samba-ish world music playing at practically full volume whilst employees chatter amongst themselves.  Even with my headphones plugged in and my iTunes on the highest I’ve set it yet, I can hear a steady bass rhythm and the baristas’ conversation over both my typing and The Meadowlands.  Supposedly free Internet, but my laptop doesn’t want to connect.  Most likely I am doing something wrong.
Conclusion: Not for those averse to tribal beats.

Flat Black Coffee Company
50 Broad Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02109

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Café Round-Up: Crema Café.

What: Crema Café
Where: Harvard Square, Cambridge
When: Three and a half hours spanning early morning to just before lunchtime.
Ordered: Toasted plain bagel with lox and plain cream cheese, and a latte with sugar-free vanilla for $8.51
Info: Extremely busy, though there are a few undesirable tables — wobbly, cramped, in tight corners.  The crowd doesn’t let up at all; there doesn’t seem to be a quiet period.  I pounce on a table near a socket but have to drag another table over since the one in the covetable spot is wobbly.  Very loud, what with customer chatter, background music and employees calling out names for latte pick-up, but I like the commotion.  Wireless limited to certain hours.
Conclusion: Only for those who don’t mind writing amidst hustle, bustle and preying on empty tables.

Crema Café
27 Brattle Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

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Coming Soon… Boston Area Café Round-Ups.

My laptop and I have been spending a lot of time in cafés together lately, taking up as little space as possible and clickety clickety clickety-ing our little hearts out. It may be cliché, but I recently remembered how much my writing and I both thrive in an atmosphere like this.  The steady hum of the surrounding conversations, the robotic ticking of the registers’ printers, the continual current of people fluttering past, mugs chinking and clinking against plates and spoons, the rich smell of freshly-ground coffee — all of these things help me write.

The sad truth, however, is that not all cafés are equal. Since I’ve been popping into so many lately, I figured I should share my findings. I’ll be summarizing my thoughts on some of Boston’s independent coffeehouses and cafés* here once a week. I won’t pretend that I’m familiar with them all, so if you have a particular favorite, let me know.  I’m always interested in finding a new writing/coffee-drinking spot, so please drop me a line in the comments…

* I’ll focus exclusively on independently-owned businesses, but a few nationals might sneak in.