Make That Three at a Time.

I don’t know how this happened. Actually, that sentence is what is called a bald-faced lie, as I do actually know how this happened, this being the fact that I am now reading three books at once. The three books in question are, in the order in which I started reading them:

The reasons why I am reading this books are as follows:

  1. book club
  2. I have no idea, and
  3. because I haven’t read it in some time; I like to reread books; lately I’ve been thinking quite a bit about Steve, who was my writing teacher twice in college; and it just so happened that there was an excerpt in The Best Food Writing 2004, which I finished reading earlier in the month.

I got entangled in these three very dissimilar books because :

  1. About a year ago I started a book club as a way to potentially meet new people and potentially read books I wouldn’t normally have chosen myself, which is how I ended up getting a used copy of Arsonist’s and reading it on my commute to and from work. Now, Arsonist’s is still in hardcover; while it’s not necessarily long it is still quite substantial, so when Keith and I went down to New York two weeks ago, I left it behind. I didn’t want to pack both my laptop (light at five pounds, but still) and the hardcover (not that long, but still) in my handbag (quite roomy, but still), especially because I would need to schlep everything around on the subway, since we weren’t leaving until after work. Instead I packed the infinitely lighter Best Food Writing 2004 And so…
  2. …when we got home from New York, I was fully embroiled in the food anthology and although I knew I could stop reading at the end of whatever excerpt I was in the middle of, I finished the book. This would have been the prime time to return to Arsonist’s, which I hadn’t really been enjoying as much as I hoped, but instead I reached for Intuition, which I purchased on recommendation (Whose? I don’t remember.) with a gift card I received for Christmas. This is where things got a bit repetitive: Keith and I are going to New York again this weekend, and it just so happens that my copy of Intuition is a bulky hardcover (also purchased used, by the way), and I’m again bringing my laptop, and I’m madly in love with my roomy handbag, and I’m not enjoying Intuition as much as I had hoped…
  3. …which brings me to Candyfreak. Like Arsonist’s and Intuition, I’ve Steve’s book in hardcover. Unlike Arsonist’s and Intuition, it was purchased at full-price, brand-new. In addition, it’s considerably smaller, both dimension-wise and length-wise. Oh, and I’m enjoying it much, much more.

I’m hoping, upon our return from New York, that I’ll finish Candyfreak, if I haven’t already done so, then plow through Intuition, before revving myself up to get Arsonist’s out of the way on or by the twenty-seventh, when book club meets. Then again, I might just pick up something else.