CSA 2008, Week Twenty-Two (AKA The Last Week).

Oh me.  I’m so sad to report that the final week of our maiden voyage on the S.S. CSA went undocumented.  If I were a certain kind of person, I would provide you with an elaborate reason as to why my shutter-finger failed (A car crashed into the house!* My neighbor’s cat snuck in and […]

CSA 2008, Week Twenty-One.

My friend Ben lives in LA; if the time difference wasn’t trouble enough, our schedules are so vastly different that we have monthly phone dates scheduled in order to keep in touch.  We talk about not only what’s going on in our lives, but also what we’ve been reading, what we’ve been watching and what […]

CSA 2008, Week Twenty.

The deeper we get into fall, the more our CSA box begins to consist more and more of items that have to be rooted out from within the earth.  Even thought this week’s haul included a few leafy items, I’m getting the feeling that they’re going to slowly disappear, replaced with more and more root […]

CSA 2008, Week Nineteen.

Since I refuse to turn on the heat quite yet, I’ve been shuffling around the apartment in a highly stylish toga I’ve fashioned out of a quilt I made years ago.  (It’s a glamorous look, one I highly recommend, though I must add that it’s hard to pull off.)  As I considered adding a cashmere […]

CSA 2008, Week Eighteen.

This week’s box was heavier than most, something that I suppose had to do with the monstrous butternut squash that was included in our haul.  Squash notwithstanding, I’m of the opinion that it was the sheer amount of potatoes weighing me down.  Aside from those two very autumnal items, our CSA box from The Food […]

CSA 2008, Week Seventeen.

There is simply no denying that fall is upon us at last.  I honestly couldn’t tell you why I’ve been in such seasonal denial, especially since autumn is my favorite season: back to school; falling leaves; winding scarves around our necks; orange, yellow and red everywhere. Of course, there’s more to fall than the trees’ […]

CSA 2008, Week Sixteen.

Oh, Summer.  You have gone and left me behind, even though you promised to stick around until Sunday.  How cruel, how heartless. How typical! Regardless of the telltale chill of fall in the air, my CSA box this week from The Food Project had the most summery surprise inside: the prettiest, plumpest raspberries.  Their taste […]

CSA 2008, Week Fifteen.

I refuse to accept the fact that fall is around the corner, in spite of the fact that it happens to be my favorite season.  I simply can’t acknowledge it, even though I sat shivering in my bathrobe this morning.  Here’s why: it’s week fifteen of my CSA, and the produce box shows no sign […]

CSA 2008, Week Thirteen.

It’s hard to believe summer is almost over, especially since our CSA box has been steadily growing, all but inundating the fridge with its contents.  In fact, I emptied the CSA produce out of the fridge just to see the difference its removal made, and Keith said, “It looks like there’s no food in here.” […]