My name is Nayiri, and I was born on October 30th. I grew up outside of New York City with my Filipina mother and Lebanese-Armenian father; as a first-generation American, this country’s cuisine  is still something of a mystery to me. Currently I live and write in Massachusetts, though I’m always thinking about the next place to go, the next book to read and the next thing to eat.

11 thoughts on “About.

  1. Everyone is thinking of moving to Spain in our house – this after seeing all the episodes of Mario and Bittman and their foodie gal friends. Your bday is the same as my son’s. That must explain how you got so shmattt:)

    • Well, I do like to think of myself as smart, I’ll give you that…!

      While I love Spain, right now I’m dreaming of moving to somewhere in Belgium — though at this point I’ll take anywhere. Any suggestions?

      • Too many suggestions…too little clamolas. Kid #3 spent a year w/a family who split time between Amiens and there. I fly south tomorrow for some sunshine and fresh fruit. Wanna come? One more ian-er makes an even dozen.

  2. What a fantastic point of view. I just moved to Boston from NY. Please drop me a line if you don’t mind a fellow foodie at dinner somewhere local.

  3. not sure if this blog is still going, but i wanted to say how much i love your writing. i stumbled upon it while looking up tomme crayeuse, which i jut discovered while at Murray’s cheese in NYC yesterday. cheers to a fellow foodie.

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