Five Things About Me: 91 92 93 94 95.

91. I have recently become obsessed with moisturizing my face.  My maternal grandmother has ridiculously supple and wrinkle-free skin at age eighty, and she’s been moisturizing religiously for the past sixty years.  Who knows if I’ve inherited those genes, but when I’m her age I can comfort myself with the knowledge that I at least tried to replicate the effect.*

92. My favorite herb flavor-wise is lemon thyme, but my favorite herb in general is sage.  I think it feels like the insides of puppy ears.

93. I can get really competitive.  This can be an issue.

94. Passive-aggressive people tick me off.

95. I think I’d be happy to have a personal chef, but only if he or she were willing to be more of a personal cooking instructor than actually being my cook.

* This might be a good time to mention that I can be pretty vain.