Five Things About Me: 96 97 98 99 100.

96. I can’t seem to stop playing StoneLoops! on my phone.  I’m obsessed with beating my top score (currently 4,403,240).  This has seriously replaced book reading as my pre-sleep activity, which is why I haven’t gotten through nearly as many books as I usually do.  It may not seem like it, but I promise it’s true.  It’s taken me more than a week to get through a novel, which is really rare for me.

97. For reasons I still don’t understand, my mother signed me up for figure skating lessons during all of elementary school.  I never asked for them, and to this day it is the most feminine after-school activity I have ever participated in.  My dad, to give you an idea of what else I was up to, sent me to tae kwon do, where I was the only girl.

98. I wear patterned knee socks almost exclusively from November to April.  Otherwise my boots chafe and blister my calves, and anyway, I think knee socks — especially striped ones — are fun.  And warm.

99. When I walk around the city and listen to my iPod, I almost always put it on shuffle.  If I’m presented with a song that perfectly matches my mood, it honestly puts a huge bounce in my step.  This is a big deal, as I am not even remotely bouncy.

100. I used to go to the Philippines for a month or so every other summer during junior high and high school.  While I was there, I’d travel with my family to other Asian countries.  I’ve been to some places multiple times (Hong Kong/Kowloon, Thailand) but I’m the most eager to get back to Singapore, which I remember through a no-one-told-me-not-to-drink-the-water-in-Southeast-Asia haze as being very clean, pink and full of orchids and fried food.  Basically, it was like heaven.