A Letter From Me To You.

Dear Readers:

I haven’t forgotten about you, I promise.  We’re doing Christmas Eve dinner at my apartment this year, even though I’m busy getting things ready for eleven diners, two houseguests, two (visiting) babies and one dog, there’s so much I want to share with you — like the beautiful and sad novel I recently read, and recipes for candy I’ve tried out, and my thoughts on vanilla, and how I’m searching for the perfect salt cellar — but I can’t promise I’ll have even a moment to sit down and give you all the time and attention you deserve until after Christmas.  Good thing I have to run out the door and catch the bus, otherwise I’d probably sit here apologizing for about three more paragraphs.  So.  I hope I have a chance to have a proper chat with you soon, but in case I don’t, happy holidays, and I hope you all sit down to at least one fantastic meal during these last crazy and hectic days of 2009.

xxoo N

2 thoughts on “A Letter From Me To You.

  1. I’m just dying to know how you’re fitting all those people in your apartment. Your digs must be massive! Hope you have a merry Merry!
    I’ll be doing my best to destroy all the wonder recipes you’ve posted here. 🙂

    • Oh, my apartment is like a clown car. Just when you think one more person can’t possibly fit in such a cramped space… It also helps that my dining room table expands to fit something like fourteen. What doesn’t help, though, is the fact that, when expanded, my dining room table no longer fits in my dining room. Whoops.

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