Five Things About Me: 56 57 58 59 60.

56. My favorite Mr. Sketch scented marker in both color and fragrance was the turquoise/mango.  My least favorites were the brown/cinnamon and the green/mint.  The orange/orange (duh) always made my mouth water, even now .  If I think about it, I can remember their scents so clearly.

57. I obsessively watch television shows on Hulu.  At this very moment, I’m in the middle of a My So-Called Life marathon, and it’s kind of freaking me out that I now relate the most with Graham Chase (the charmingly bushy-eyebrowed Tom Irwin) rather than with Angela (a barely-adolescent Claire Danes).  Other shows I’ve been Hulu-hooked on include Friday Night Lights, Dead Like Me and Firefly.

58. I sew a lot, and make lots of quilts.  To amuse myself, I buy ridiculously-colored* thread and use it on the insides of my projects, where they’ll never be seen.  But I know they’re there, and what colors they are.

59. If it were considered socially acceptable to wear bathrobes out and about, as apparel, I probably would.  In the warmer months, anyway.  I love mine.

60. I have two tattoos.  I got the first at age nineteen in New York, and the second at twenty-one in San Francisco.  My parents didn’t find out about either one until much later, and they weren’t pleased when they did.  They’re still irked.

* I.E. “Enchanting Ginger,” “Pretty Flamingo” and “Sunny Summer.”

2 thoughts on “Five Things About Me: 56 57 58 59 60.

    • Oh, you have no idea… I kept it from them for years, but I had to let them know about the one I have on my (flabby) bicep when I had to wear a sleeveless bridesmaid’s dress at a cousin’s wedding. Fortunately, I was able to shift the focus onto my brother, who got a tattoo with me when I went in San Francisco, and HE shifted the focus to another cousin (sister of the bride) who has tattoos all over her arms and back. In, like, Gothic lettering with barbed wire and stuff. After my parents saw that, they still weren’t pleased with either me or my brother, but they were much calmer.

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