Five Things About Me: 56 57 58 59 60.

56. My favorite Mr. Sketch scented marker in both color and fragrance was the turquoise/mango.  My least favorites were the brown/cinnamon and the green/mint.  The orange/orange (duh) always made my mouth water, even now .  If I think about it, I can remember their scents so clearly.

57. I obsessively watch television shows on Hulu.  At this very moment, I’m in the middle of a My So-Called Life marathon, and it’s kind of freaking me out that I now relate the most with Graham Chase (the charmingly bushy-eyebrowed Tom Irwin) rather than with Angela (a barely-adolescent Claire Danes).  Other shows I’ve been Hulu-hooked on include Friday Night Lights, Dead Like Me and Firefly.

58. I sew a lot, and make lots of quilts.  To amuse myself, I buy ridiculously-colored* thread and use it on the insides of my projects, where they’ll never be seen.  But I know they’re there, and what colors they are.

59. If it were considered socially acceptable to wear bathrobes out and about, as apparel, I probably would.  In the warmer months, anyway.  I love mine.

60. I have two tattoos.  I got the first at age nineteen in New York, and the second at twenty-one in San Francisco.  My parents didn’t find out about either one until much later, and they weren’t pleased when they did.  They’re still irked.

* I.E. “Enchanting Ginger,” “Pretty Flamingo” and “Sunny Summer.”