Five Things About Me: 36 37 38 39 40.

36. In my opinion, I am one of the best people to go shopping with, whether you’re looking for apparel or appliances.  Here’s why:  I’ll never judge you on how much you spend, I’ll tell you honestly if the jeans you’ve chosen are flattering, I’ll wait patiently as you try every single blush at a makeup counter and I’ll research the heck out of a product to find the best one out there.

37. I’m a total sucker for a certain kind of TV.  While I live for Mad Men Sundays, look forward to Lost starting up again and own all five seasons of The Wire, I also have my TiVo set to record Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries and the relaunched Melrose Place — basically, an embarrassing amount of the CW‘s lineup.

38. My favorite website, and one I use daily, is  I rely upon the Trip Planner feature like nothing else.

39. I find Ina Garten‘s television show The Barefoot Contessa to be possibly the most soothing thing to watch ever.  If there was a TV and TiVo in my bedroom, I’d probably have it set to record her program exclusively, so I could go to sleep to it, and then dream of things like truffle butter and seafood gratins.  How good is that?

40. I’ve never minded doing laundry, including the folding and ironing part of it.  That said, if I don’t get the laundry out of the dryer straightaway, chances are that it will stay there for a shameful amount of time before it gets transferred in a heap to an empty laundry basket.  There it will remain, growing more and more wrinkled, as I pick items out of it.

8 thoughts on “Five Things About Me: 36 37 38 39 40.

  1. I hear you on 37. I was wondering how it’s possible that were I to make a list of the best shows of the 00s, both THE WIRE and REAL WORLD/ROAD RULES CHALLENGE would both be on the list.

  2. Agreed on Barefoot Contessa…forget “sounds of the rainforest” or “ocean waves.” Her voice is my Ambien. Plus she uses mucho butter.

  3. I, too, am in love with Ina Garten. But perhaps for a different reason. I think she’s amazing, of course, but I love when she does “meals on a budget” show and is still cooking with $50 slabs of meat. And one could easily make a very sloppy-drunk of oneself playing a Barefoot Contessa drinking game focused on “turn up the volume” and it’s various alternates (“We’re going to make shrimp cocktail with the volume turned up!” How high does the volume knob even GO on shrimp cocktail, Ina?) Oh, and I love all her fancy rich gay friends who don’t know how to cook because they’re too fancy.

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