Five Things About Me: 31 32 33 34 35.

31. I’m not the kind of girl who can do her own nails, concoct elaborate hairdos or give herself a facial.  I wish I were.

32. When I’m in the car on a long drive and bored, I pretend I’m riding a unicorn on the grass alongside the highway. It’s black, and a girl, with a silvery horn and white stockings.  I haven’t named her yet though.

33. My favorite fruit is the nectarine, but only because peach fuzz weirds me out.

34. I don’t like butts because they sometimes look like peaches — particularly fuzzy butts.

35. Things that are typically squeamish don’t bother me — vomit, blood, poop — but if something smells bad, I lose it.  That said, I always have to take a really deep whiff of it, followed by a second equally-deep whiff.  I can’t help myself.  Some things that I think smell bad include unwashed hair, peat moss and dumpsters.