Five Things About Me: 11 12 13 14 15.

11. Julie Andrews might just be one of my favorites ever.  (Favorite what?  Favorite anything.)  The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins are up there in my list of top ten films for sure.

12. Others in my Top Ten Films list include Magic in the Water, Walk Don’t Run, The Iron Giant, 28 Days Later, The Lives of Others, La Jetée, Shallow Grave and Battle Royale.

13. I’m addicted to The Battle of the Berrics, and I’m not even a skateboarder, or know much about skateboarding.

14. My favorite thing about a skateboard video is during a slo-mo sequence, after a skateboarder lands a trick and the crew watching cheers.  In slo-mo audio, it sounds like a herd of dairy cows, or one of those mooing toys, and I like that.

15. I rarely buy into trends, no matter how comfortable they look. I don’t want to go through pictures, years from now, and shudder over what I’m wearing. I’ll be too busy shuddering over how I look weight-wise anyway.