Five Things About Me: 6 7 8 9 10.

6. While I love color, I could happily live in a wardrobe made entirely out of grays and blues, with some black thrown in for contrast.

7. I can guess with a high degree of accuracy other womens’ bra sizes.  This sometimes freaks people out.

8. My memory is an incredible thing to behold.  I’m not saying this in a self-fluffing way; it is pure fact.  I can remember, for example, each outfit I wore on the first day of school all four years of high school; describe to you with great accuracy my friends’ dorm rooms in college; and probably recall my junior high class schedule.  I cannot, however, recite the times tables, or anything that has to do whatsoever with math, except for logic proofs.

9. I love logic proofs.

10. Around this time of year, I look forward to Sundays for one reason, two words:  Mad Men.