Back, Tired.

I’m back from “Abroad,” and sitting on my sofa all freshly-scrubbed from a nice hot shower in my own fickle tub in my own cramped bathroom, as opposed to the clean-yet-guilty feeling I had each morning these past few weeks.  It’s not the first time I’ve stayed in hotels with aesthetically-pleasing but poorly-designed bathrooms, and have gotten the entire room practically flooded, and this trip was no different.  Well, there’s no flooding here in Massachusetts — thank god, as there is also no one in Housekeeping here but me and Keith — but there is one heck of a tired gal sitting here with you.  I’ll start the European low-down soon, I promise, but in the meantime I wanted to introduce a new little idea I had.  I’ve been writing to you all for a while now, but sometimes I forget that what it is that we’ve discussed.  So what I’ve decided is this:  each week I’ll post five utterly random things about me, whatever it is that I think of that day, and this way maybe we’ll get to know each other a little better.

Sound good?