The Official “Back from Maine” Post.

Cove's EdgeA week ago I was sitting on a swing that overlooked a quiet salt-scented cove; I had a book in my lap and a beer in my hand.  Today I’m sitting on my sofa, listening to the traffic rumbling by; my computer is warming my thighs and I’m drinking a Coke Zero.

What a difference a hundred and seventy miles makes.

Keith and I spent our week in Cushing reading, napping and making paseo to various ridiculously picturesque seaside towns like Belfast, Camden, Rockland, Rockport and Wiscasset — which happens to be home to two of the most perfect shops ever, Smitten and Rock Paper Scissors.  A visit to either is worth the drive north alone.  Unfortunately, neither store has a website, which could be considered good news for my wallet… though I’ve already mentioned to Keith that I might call Smitten and have them send me a few things, like a pair of their wonderful contoured-to-the-palm mugs.

While we had two fantastic meals out (at Francine in Camden and Primo in Rockland, more on those in later posts), I spend most of the vacation either curled up with a quilt or wrapped in my oversize wool sweater by the water, reading.  I tore through seven and a half books last week, which may be something of a record for me.  I’ll let you know what I read and my thoughts on those books in a bit.  I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say, Hello, I missed you, let’s catch up.

Sound good?

*Photo from Cove’s Edge, where we stayed.  We were too relaxed to take our own pictures.