Bovine Envy.

First, I had canine envy.  Then leporine and galline.  Now apparently I’ve got bovine envy.

Shreve Stockton over at The Daily Coyote leads what could only be called an interesting life, which I’ve put in italics because I’m unintentionally downplaying.  How else could you describe the day-to-day of a woman living in a Wyoming cabin with a cat, a pooch and a two-year-old coyote that she’s been raising since he was ten days old?  Interesting is an understatement.

Now it seems there’s a new addition to the Stockton cabin: Daisy, the Brown Swiss/Jersey mix.  I know I’m best suited for city living (I’ve yet to meet a subway I didn’t like) but I’ll tell you, after reading Daisy’s milk and cream…  I’d consider a switch just for the chance to drink that on a daily basis.  Milk is one of the foods (beverages?) I crave constantly, so the thought of caring for my dairy provider sounds wonderful.

Yeah, I’m jealous.