Breakfast at Mike’s City Diner.

mikes-city-dinerI’m always looking for a new breakfast spot to try out, even though I never really want something too complicated for my first meal of the day.  I want simple, satisfying, savory food — and if I can forgo the cutlery, all the better…  which is why I ordered a basic bagel sandwich (with bacon and cheese $2.95; plus 20¢ for the bagel; plus 50¢ for the cheese) when I met up with Stephanie and Amanda at Mike’s City Diner in the South End.

Mike’s is a real diner sort of diner, meaning there’s nothing fancier on the menu than a triple-decker club.  Everything is done up in black and white, with shots of red for color, and when you enter the door, the stainless-steel clad kitchen is directly to the right.  You can see and hear the cooks whisking omelets, tossing strips of bacon on the plancha grill and chop chop chopping assorted vegetables for salads.

The best part of Mike’s, I think, are the waitresses.  These are young women who call you hon, swing by with coffee refills instinctively and bring you extra butter for your grits…  before you even have a chance to ask.  On top of that, they uncomplainingly let three friends take up valuable window-side space while they chat on for hours about men, clothes and looking forward to living like the Golden Girls — what more could you ask for over breakfast?

Mike’s City Diner
1714 Washington Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02118

Mike's City Diner on Urbanspoon


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