Café Round-Up: Crema Café.

What: Crema Café
Where: Harvard Square, Cambridge
When: Three and a half hours spanning early morning to just before lunchtime.
Ordered: Toasted plain bagel with lox and plain cream cheese, and a latte with sugar-free vanilla for $8.51
Info: Extremely busy, though there are a few undesirable tables — wobbly, cramped, in tight corners.  The crowd doesn’t let up at all; there doesn’t seem to be a quiet period.  I pounce on a table near a socket but have to drag another table over since the one in the covetable spot is wobbly.  Very loud, what with customer chatter, background music and employees calling out names for latte pick-up, but I like the commotion.  Wireless limited to certain hours.
Conclusion: Only for those who don’t mind writing amidst hustle, bustle and preying on empty tables.

Crema Café
27 Brattle Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

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2 thoughts on “Café Round-Up: Crema Café.

  1. I love people-watching there when the weather’s nicer. It’s a great place to wait for friends – just grab an ice tea and an outside table, and who cares if they’re late showing up!

    It is always loud inside, though, and if you’re seated next to the counter where the sandwiches are made, you get really sick of hearing people ask how to get into the locked bathrooms…

  2. The bathrooms aren’t locked, Pam; maybe at one point they were, but now they’ve got “vacant”/”occupied” dials near the knobs like airplane bathrooms.

    I’m not going to deny the noise level, but it doesn’t bother me — especially if I’ve got my headphones on.

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