Kelly’s Kitchen in Concord.

Kelly says:  Riding the Eiffel tower here I come!*

kellyWhere do you live?
Concord, Massachusetts.

How often do you cook or bake?
Pretty much every time I need to eat or feed my little family and despite my weight, believe it or not, I do eat three times a day.

What is your favorite kitchen utensil?
My N2O cartridge powdered food & cream whipper for convenience but my 8″ carving knife for being the most used item on any given day.

Which part of your kitchen do you like best and why?
The stove area because it’s the central spot in the kitchen.  I never feel cut off from guests or family while I’m cooking and they are enjoying a drink at the table.  I also am quite fond of the five-burner Thermador gas stove.  It really offers a lot of control while cooking and if I start burning stuff, the in-deck fan system raises up to my rescue like the Great Wall of China.

What was your biggest kitchen accomplishment?
Lately?  It might not sound like much but it has been taming an old, entirely manual La Pavoni espresso maker without blowing the whole house up.  These machines have an uncanny ability to ruin any espresso.  Actually I can only pull ristrettos with this machine — does it get more Italian than that?   I would say your odds are more favorable to win the lottery than to make a good espresso with these machines without either A) months of training and reading, B) hiring one of the top three World Barista Championship finalists.   Coffee is my cigarettes if you will.  I go through a lot to have one good one.  Nancy — and most everyone that has seen the ritual involved in making one cup — thinks I’m nuts.

But overall, my biggest kitchen accomplishment or at least the one I am most fond of, goes back close to thirty years.  It’s the preparation of my first “meal” on my own.  You wanted a recipe, huh?  You asked, not me.  So here we go.

Ingredients (for one person)
1 lemon
3 or 4 canned sardines
About a tablespoon of butter
French bread

Preparation time (probably an hour at the time, closer to 45 minutes these days)

Cut the top off of the lemon.  With a spoon carve out the inside.  Take the bones out of the sardines, mash them with the butter and mix in some of the lemon juice.  Stuff the lemon with the mixture.  Place back the little lemon hat on top.  Voilà!

PS: I have very supportive and wonderful parents.  Oh! What they went through…

* This is because he is French, and more than a little weird.

2 thoughts on “Kelly’s Kitchen in Concord.

  1. Just seeing this now! By the way I remembered a little thing about that “recipe” the other day. It was taken from a book by Michel Oliver. He is the son of the famous chef Raymond Oliver from the Grand Véfour in Paris. Anyway his father Raymond pioneered TV cooking shows in France in the fifties and Michel Oliver had a lot of success with his Sunday morning show in the eighties. We used to watch it quite religiously. Michel Oliver had a fondness for kids and eventually put out several cooking books for young kids. This recipe came from one of them that we got as a present. Damn, you got my brain working again. Thanks.

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