BLTs, Boyfriends, Books, Brains.

Today I had lunch with my friend Lexi at DJ’s on the Garden, where I had a satisfying yet unremarkable BLT that cost me precisely five dollars.  I suppose this recession has been good one for one thing, that that is the recession menu.

After having a nice little chat about boyfriends, meeting the parents and dressing up during winter, my book and I got back on the subway and headed home.  I’m not that far into M.F.K. Fisher‘s With Bold Knife and Fork, but thus far I’m enjoying it immensely; that is not a surprise, as I have enjoyed her writing immensely for a while now, but what was surprising is that (coincidentally) I read the chapter on rice and grains as I stirred my first (successful) risotto the other evening, and that today, on the ride back to my apartment, I read Ms. Fisher’s thoughts on offal and brains, the day after Keith and I had the following conversation:

K: (apropos to nothing) If we go someplace that has brains on the menu, I want you to stay away from them.
N: I’m sorry — what?
K: I just think that out of the two of us, you’ll be tempted and I don’t want you eating them.  Mad cow is still an issue.  If you got it, it would be horrible.
N: Aw, you think it would be horrible if I died?
K: Well, yes — it would be horrible if you died.  But how you would die would be horrible too.
N: But I’ve had brains.
K: Well, no more brains for you.
N: But if I become a zombie, though, can I have some brains?
K: All you can eat.

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