Breakfast at Good Enough To Eat.

good-enough-to-eatI’ve had breakfast at the Upper West Side’s Good Enough to Eat twice, and in two similar situations.  The first was something like two years ago — my friend Amee was visiting New York from LA and had a very small window in which we could meet, so small that it was an early breakfast or nothing.  This time around, it was Judy and Dorian visiting New York and Keith and I with the small morning window.  Both stories ended in the same way, with breakfast.

good-enough-to-eatTechnically, I decided to get a more lunchy than breakfasty meal, ordering a BLT ($10.50).   It arrived on toasted slices of whole wheat bread, which really served as vehicles for bacon more than anything else, as there was something like eight thick slices peeking out from between rounds of tomato and leafy lettuce.  While there was an overabundance of bacon on my sandwich, I’m sad to report the disproportionate amount of basil mayonnaise, which — to be completely truthful — was the reason why I selected the BLT over an omelet and biscuits.  Would more basil mayo have transformed this sandwich into something spectacular, as opposed to mundane?  It’s doubtful, but I’ve no way of knowing.

(Side note: when I pulled my camera out of my bag to photograph my meal, I was surprised to find that the LCD screen was completely shattered.  I made do by taking this shoddy, shoddy, shoddy picture with my phone, and upon returning to my computer hours later, the first thing I did was order a new camera.)

If you’re thinking of dropping into Good Enough to Eat for breakfast, keep a few things in mind — mainly, that you will have to wait.  By wait, I don’t simply mean for a table, though you will certainly do that as well.  What I mean to say is that after you finally have a seat and place your order, be prepared to wait for your food; in our case it was over half an hour.


The upside of the restaurant is its atmosphere; if you’re going to have to wait, you might as well wait in a cozy environment.  The entirety of the small space is decorated in a country, farm theme with a mostly-cow motif.  In one of the two restrooms, for example, are stylized artistic portraits of cows; one is called Angus Warhol and the other Henri Mootisse.  Even if cows aren’t your thing, the friendly service will make your wait seem a little shorter.


Good Enough To Eat
483 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, New York 10024

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