Missed Opportunity.

I wish I had thought to photograph pub signs while I was traipsing around England — wouldn’t that have made a nice little photo essay?  Pub names are so interesting; I saw countless Kings Arms and Red Lions, a few Georges (The George, The George V, The George IV, The George & Dragon,  The George & Vulture, etc.), a couple of Alberts (The Prince Albert, Victoria & Albert, Albert Arms, Royal Albert, etc.) a Fleece & Firkin (which sounds a bit scandalous), The Happy Cocks (which sounds very scandalous) and both The King’s and The Queen’s Head.

Anyway, what I’m trying to get to is this:  what would I name my pub, if I were to open a pub?  Here’s a short list of potential names.  Please feel free to contribute!

  1. The Baby Head*
  2. The Gnome & Unicorn
  3. The Knitting Kitten
  4. The Stomping Stallion
  5. The Unruly Knockers (because you simply need a vaguely outrageous name)**
  6. The Vicious Circle**
*Keith coined this phrase to describe the way a drinker’s head droops when drunk.
**A co-writer’s credit must be given to my friend Marcella.  She knows why.

3 thoughts on “Missed Opportunity.

  1. Pub signs are a pictorial record of British history – from Roman times, through the Crusades and the Dissolution of the monasteries to the present day. They’ve been inspired by religion, royalty, lust, pride, murder, heroes and scandals and, together, they’re an often disregarded historical resource.

    British pubs are currently under threat due to the smoking ban and the economic crisis. With the pubs will go their signs and their names. Their disappearance from the High Street will almost like someone emptying the National Gallery.

    Let’s hope that these traditional pub signs can be preserved and appreciated for a long while yet.

  2. What about The Thirsty Barbarian?

    I truly hope that what Elaine is foretelling does not come true. Pub culture is such a huge part of Britain, and it would be terrible to lose it.

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