Pretty Pictures.

I received, through various methods, a stack of books for my birthday that would easily add a couple of feet to my height if I were to stand on them.  (This, I should say, I would never do, for fear of damaging my books, though I know what if I ever complete a novel — jinxed?! — that the first thing I’d do after printing out my pages is clamber right on top and check out the view.)  Regardless of the thirty inches or so of literature waiting to be read, if anyone out there wanted to belatedly gift me with any of these childrens’ books, I wouldn’t say no…

I’ve got a special love for picture books, which may be part of the reason why I’ve been a reader of comics for the entirety of my life.  Words on a page are all well and good, but the combination of those words and beautiful imagery can’t be denied.  Not by me, anyway.  And besides, just because I’ve run out of shelf space doesn’t mean I’d turn down any of these titles.  After all, they do take up far less room…

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