Back to Persephone.

It can be hard to coordinate your schedule with a friend’s, so just think about how tricky it can be to get four other people’s timetables to match up with yours.  It was for this reason alone that I ended up planning a dinner out with Alyssa, Darlington, Guillaume and Keith a month ahead of time.  If it wasn’t one thing, it was another — finally, though, we all ended up at Persephone in Fort Point Channel.  Darlington and I had tried the boutique/restaurant earlier in the year; I had decided that my next visit would be with a larger group.  (The better to share dishes, my dear!)

I didn’t realize it until it was too late, but I ordered something very similar to what I had selected back in April — “humanely raised” terrine of veal, served with the traditional accompaniments of cornichons, toast points, Dijon mustard (not pictured) and a parsley/caper salad, which was just as lovely the second time around ($9.00).  I enjoyed the terrine thoroughly, though I’ve got to ask: why do restaurants always serve such a dainty amount of toast?  Look at how thick and substantial a slice of terrine I was faced with, and how paltry the number of points.  I wish I had been given twice as much; I suppose I could have asked for more, but would that have seemed piggish?  I made do with what I was served.  The veal was incredibly flavorful, and went very well with a generous smear of mustard.  When I inevitably ran our of bread, i dabbed some mustard on the top of each bite.

I couldn’t resist the side dish of roasted garlic creamed spinach ($8.00).  It so happens that I love spinach — always have, always will.  That said, I have frighteningly little experience with creamed spinach; it’s not a matter of consistency, but the simple fact that it seems so darn unhealthy, to muddy up something so clean as spinach with huge splashes of rich cream.

Oh, I should know better.

The creamed spinach at Persephone was tops.  At once lux and fresh, it was fantastic.  It’s a good thing I only had a trio of toast; otherwise I would have been sopping up the remaining pale green liquid with a mashed up bit of bread.  I say this with the utmost sincerity: I had to stop myself from tilting the bowl to my face and draining it like an overlarge latte.  Great stuff.

Another highlight was the grilled squid salad ($14.00) that Keith and I shared.  Served with parsley, roasted peppers, heirloom tomatoes, capers and black olives, it was finished off with a Provençal-inspired vinaigrette that had an eye-opening kick of spice.  The firm squid contrasted really nicely with the slippery peppers and supple tomatoes, and the parsley gave the plate a brisk freshness.

The one dish I wish I had ordered for myself, as opposed to filching tastes off of other’s plates, was the corn fritters.  Prepared with an Asian influence, this little plate was overly abundant with flavor.  I loved it.

So, will I make it back to Persephone for a third go-round?  I certainly hope so.  I mean, could I honestly announce that I’d pass on the opportunity to eat some solidly good, interestingly-flavored food?  If that ever turns out to be the case, I’ll quit.

283 Summer Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02210

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2 thoughts on “Back to Persephone.

  1. You should definitely stop in when you’re next in town! The menu changes seasonally, so the spinach isn’t guaranteed though…

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