On Greven Broecker.

Isn’t this an absolutely lovely hunk of cheese?  It’s a Belgian blue cow’s milk called Greven Broecker; I overheard one of the cheesemongers at Formaggio Kitchen admiring the wheel as he pulled it out of the case.

“Man,” he said to a fellow employee, “check out how pretty this is.”

I wish I had a photo of the store’s larger wedge; the creamy surface of the interior was shot through with gorgeous veins of blue and gray, giving it a scalloped lace effect.  Truly, it made me think of blonde lace, or the lace in a mantilla — it was just as delicate-looking, and soft.  The flavor, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of its appearance: incredibly bold and tangy, with a sharp spicy bite underneath.  Isn’t it so surprising, that something so small and innocent-appearing as this could taste so aggressive and almost brazen?  If you like blues, you absolutely must get your hands on some of this.