Dinner at Teatro.

I hadn’t been to Teatro in at least three years; the last time had been with my friend Sarah, who hasn’t lived in Boston for at least that long. When Amanda and I were devising a list of places in the Theater District to stop by for a quick bite before going to an event at Grub Street, Teatro immediately came to mind. I didn’t remember much about the Italian restaurant next to the Boston Common movie theater; I just had a strong recollection of the dramatic ceiling arching over the dining room.

Well, the ceiling is still there, and is as dramatic as ever. So, as a matter of fact, is the food.

Amanda and I were both hungry, so we chose to split a starter of a Caesar salad ($12.00). It was one of the few we could agree on, as Amanda is a vegetarian and I am not. I was surprised and pleased that the restaurant divided the salad amongst two plates for us, as opposed to presenting us with one unruly pile of Romaine leaves to fight over. The salad, while not particularly noteworthy, was light and crisp — very refreshing on a humid evening.

For my entrée, I selected a spinach and mascarpone ravioli ($19.00). Served with crème frâiche and minced parsley, it was surprisingly delicious. I never would have imagined that such luscious flavor could have been teased from such ingredients. The spinach was amazingly rich, and the dish’s sauce was citrusy and decadent. In spite of all of this, none of it felt the least bit heavy. In fact, it turned out to be the perfect amount of food, though I’ve got to say that if it were acceptable to lick a plate clean in public, I would have loved to have gotten every drop of that sauce.

The next time I go to Teatro, you can bet I’m ordering that ravioli again. In fact, I might even see if I can tease a few tidbits about its ingredients out of the members of the waitstaff. I’ll let you know if I learn anything new.

(Now, I have to acknowledge these pictures. I know they are terrible, and for that I apologize. I had forgotten to charge my camera’s battery, and was not going to take any photographs at all until Amanda reminded me that I could use my cell. It’s something I always forget about since I rarely, if ever, use that feature on my already too-complicated phone.)

177 Tremont Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02111

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