Starbucks Employees Are Literary Like Me!

Here’s the thing about my friend Ben: he’s an avid reader, a voracious film-goer and a lover of music. He also, in my opinion, happens to look a great deal like Jonathan Franzen, but blonder. I’ve never ever informed Ben of this, for no particular reason, so imagine my delight when I received the following email from him:

from: Ben
to: Nayiri
subject: My afternoon conversation with a Starbucks barista.

Barista: Grande iced soy latte for Ben.
Me: Thanks.
B: Do you know who you look like?
M: No. Who do I look like?
B: Do you know the writer Jonathan Franzen?
M: I do.
B: That’s who you look like.
M: Oh. Well… thanks… I guess…?
B: [shrugs] He’s a good writer.



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