Dinner at Kingston Station.

Darlington, Amanda and I had made plans to see a movie downtown; we knew afterwards we would want to discuss it over dinner and drinks. We didn’t have a specific cuisine or eatery in mind, but we agreed that we should try someplace new instead of falling back on the usual suspects… which is how we ended up at Kingston Station, a restaurant/bar sitting in that anomalous area of Boston that borders Chinatown, Downtown Crossing and both the financial and theater districts.

The first thing we did once we were seated in our booth was fight over the cocktail menu. Even though my beloved Kir Royale was listed, I could not bring myself to order it once I read the description: “Champagne, Chambord, fresh raspberry purée.” My friends, that is not a Kir Royale — that is a Kir Imperial. I may not know much about alcohol, wine and spirits, but the Kir Royale is another story altogether. Instead, I requested the Moscow Mule (Skyy Citrus, lemon, ginger beer and fresh ginger, $7.00), which was bright, fizzy and refreshing. The only thing I would change was the garnish; instead of chucking in a piece of ginger root, I’d suggest slicing thin planes of ginger and notching one into the glass’s rim à la a lemon.

Though there were several interesting options on the menu, I couldn’t resist the call of the marinated chicken sandwich ($12.00). The combination of grilled apples, brie, scallion aiöli, honey and greens sounded too tempting to pass up. Not to mention I am madly in love with all kinds of sandwiches… This one was just as sweet and tangy the next day, when I had one of the halves for lunch. The accompanying salad was nice, nothing memorable, aside from the fact that it was dressed a bit too heavily for my liking.

I love fries just as much as I love sandwiches, so I managed to convince Amanda and Darlington that we should all split an order of an order of truffled frites ($10.00), which were served with melted Gruyère, a sprinkling of sliced scallions and more aiöli. Crisp on the outside and soft in the middle, they were tasty and delicious — though I will say the Gruyère was almost superfluous. Now I know that may seem odd coming from me, a completely unabashed cheese-aholic, but the aiöli was more than enough zip for the frites.

Truthfully, I don’t know if I’ll go out of my way to drop by Kingston Station, since I neither live nor work nearby. The food, while great, was not so extraordinary as to warrant a special trip to one of its tables. It is, however, perfect for a bite after a show — whether that show is a movie at the cinema, a play at one of the nearby theaters or a concert at the Orpheum. For that reason, I’ll definitely keep it in mind.

Kingston Station
25 Kingston Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02111

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