Here’s a little morsel of vaguely embarrassing information about me: I LOVE French accents. Actually, that’s not the quite it. The thing is, I love SPEAKING in a French accent… which is actually a TERRIBLE French accent. Normally, a situation at my place goes something as follows:

Me: Oooh, bonjour. J’adore — non, how do you say? Ah, oui. I love le cwasson. Ooh la la, I am FRONCHE.
Keith: [sigh]

I wish I knew enough technological tomfoolery to stick an audio file up here, because words simply aren’t doing my accent justice. Honestly. You’re all missing out.

Anyway, knowing this about me, it should be no surprise that I’ve got a huge soft spot for Eric Ripert, executive chef at Le Bernardin and toaster-oven lover. I know that last bit not because I skulk across the street from his restaurant, but because I’ve been really enjoying his blog Avec Eric, where Mr. Ripert has a videos up on using one to cook fish. (I believe that all of the instructional videos on the site will be on toaster-oven cookery.) His posts are very insightful and informative, and of course it’s great to learn how to put an everyday appliance through its paces. Not only that, but everything is just so slick and fun to look at, from the polished aesthetic of the kitchen to the food itself.

His accent doesn’t hurt either.