Messenger by Lois Lowry.

At this point, I think it’s kind of silly to mention my fondness for Lois Lowry, but c’est la vie, no? In spite of that affection, I had never, for some odd reason, read Messenger, the third and final installment to the The Giver/Gathering Blue/Messenger trilogy. It’s going to be tricky, determining how to provide a synopsis for Messenger without giving away anything related to The Giver and Gathering Blue, but here we go…

While the books all take place in the same unspecific future, each of the three is set in a different village. With The Giver, Lowry introduces us to twelve-year-old Jonas and his perfect, Utopian society; Gathering Blue is centered on handicapped Kira, who is living the exact opposite conditions. Though both Jonas and Kira make appearances in Messenger, the story’s focus is young Matty, a brash boy eager to learn his place in the world. For the moment, his role is that of a message-bearer — hence the novel’s title — ferrying communiqués to nearby communities.

Lowry writes with typical economy of language, covering themes ranging from the desire of material possessions, xenophobia and selflessness. She also refuses to shy away from difficult topics such as pain and death, which is a huge reason why The Giver is on so many banned book lists. In Messenger, Lowry also does something incredibly rare in young adult fiction… and I’m sorry, but I simply can’t say what it is. You’ll just have to read the book, though I suggest starting with The Giver. Though slim, it and its companion novels are wonderful reads.

14 thoughts on “Messenger by Lois Lowry.

  1. i really want to read this book! i read the first book the giver and i loved it. so i want to no what happens to jonas and gabe as they are happier in the new town!

  2. I recently Read the Giver, and it was the best book i ever read,

    Now, i am currently ” distraught” with reading the messenger,

    1. Is the seer Garbriel?
    2. what is Matthias’s power
    3. Is the Game machine Like, poisenous ???

    • the seer is not gabriel, the seer is Kira’s father from gathering blue. JOnas, from The Giver, is now Leader, in Messenger. Matty’s power is healing. He can heal anyone form anything. And in Gathering blue, matty is the little boy that is friends with kira, in Gathering blue, and he’s the one that got Kira and his father (the seer) to see each other for the very first time, and of course matty is the messenger in Messenger. I don’t know who gabriel is in Messenger..

      hoped I helped.

      • Gabe in The Messenger is Gabe. He is mentioned very briefly in the book and isn’t really a character basically in this book because he is mentioned in only about 1 sentence.They mention in The Messenger while Leader is looking out his window over the town, : ” In the schoolhouse, Mentor, the schoolteacher, gently tutored a mischievous eight year old named Gabe, who had neglected his studies to play and now needed help.” p.g 17

    • Gabriel is from the Giver also. When Jonas left the community in The Giver he took Gabriel with him. Gabe is older now and goes by the nickname he was giving when he stayed with Jonas and his family in The Giver

  3. this book was awesome. i have also read the giver. for one of my classes we had to read gathering blue but my class didnt require us to finish it but i felt like i needed too. that book was good. so good that i decided to read the next book THE MESSENGERS! omg! that book was awesome and as a College junior have decided to write a book report on it! LOIS LOWRY RULES!

  4. I LOVE LOIS LOWRY!! i read alot of her book( number the stars, giver trilogy, anastasia krupnik, silebt boy) and i want to read gossamer. also, Gabe is mentioned to be 9 in the messenger and they mentioned how he always got into mischief

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