Food Diary, Day Four.

1.44 am: Piece of choreg from one of the three loaves I spend most of yesterday baking. I did not by any means plan my day properly, which is why I began a eight hour project at five o’clockish in the evening on Sunday.

7.33 am: Special K Red Berries with organic skim milk — though what I really would like is about four more hours of sleep — as well as a small glass of orange juice to wash down two Tylenols. I’ve lost track of how long I’ve been beleaguered by this headache. Yesterday, Melissa told me she rarely gets them; I wanted to grab her by her coat lapels and shake her.

10.52 am: Mini York Peppermint Patty from the office candy tray.

12.20 pm: Banana. I’ve got a pretty intense sore throat, and though I am hungry, the idea of actually eating something is sickening to me right now. What I really want are some croutons or some toast, so they can scratch my throat on the way down.

1.32 – 1. 51 pm: Leftovers from Friday night, which taste as good three days later as they did the first time out of the pan.

5.12 pm: Another piece of choreg, before passing out on the sofa. I swear, sometimes I feel like an old woman. Which, I suppose, is inevitable.

8.51 pm: Another small glass of orange juice. Why am I craving orange juice so much lately? It seems to be the only thing capable of quenching my insane thirst.

10.51 – 11.15 pm: Really quick and simple dinner — lamb chops with garlic and rosemary that I seared before sticking under the broiler, and steamed broccoli with breadcrumbs toasted with pepper, lemon juice and butter. Keith gets kind of disturbed by me when I suck on my lamb chops’ bones, but I can’t help it. It’s concentrated flavor!


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