Food Diary, Day Two.

9.40 am: Orange juice, while I decide if I want coffee, cereal, both or neither.

10.50 am: Apparently what I want are two more Tylenols.

12.19 pm: Piece of mozzarella, while I wait for the oven to heat up. Suddenly, I am starving.

12.50 – 1.10 pm: Two lamejuns from Eastern Lamejun with lemon juice drizzled over them, and a Diet Coke. I love lamejun, but they can be very dangerous — it is all but impossible to eat just one.

2.00 – 2.10 pm: Still hungry… Bowl of Special K Red Berries with organic skim milk. My taste in cereal is pretty cyclical; I’ll eat one type for months on end, and then I won’t want to eat it again for ages and ages. For years it was Kashi GoLean Crunch! Honey Almond Flax but only with soy milk, then it was assorted Cheerios (regular, Honey Nut, MultiGrain) and Rice Krispies before I settled on Special K. In the beginning I ate the Vanilla Almond, but found it overly sweet; I knew my friend Lexi liked the Red Berries, and though the dehydrated strawberries freaked me out at first, I actually kind of love it now, and buy it in bulk.

5.55 pm: Baking apple cinnamon muffins, even though I don’t particularly like apple cinnamon muffins. They smell amazing though. The batter tastes a bit too sweet for me, but I know Keith will like them.

7.14 – 7.30 pm: Snack of feta, oregano and grape tomatoes with bread, and Diet Coke Number Two.

9.30 pm: Harpoon UFO at the bar at Eastern Standard. What I really want is one of my beloved Kir Royales, but the bar is very crowded and noisy that I don’t think the bartender will hear me. It’s easier to point at the Hefeweizen.

10.00 pm – 12.30 am: Dinner at Eastern Standard with Keith, Alyssa and Guillaume. Shared appetizers of baked Raclette — one of my favorite cheeses — and butter-poached escargots, followed by an entrée of a crab cake sandwich.


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