Food Diary, Day Three.

11.09 am: Feta, sliced grape tomatoes, oregano and olive oil with bread, only because I clumsily knocked my Red Berries all over the floor, and now I am too irritated with myself to pour another bowl. I wish I could say that my spilling things is uncommon, but truthfully — I am a klutz.

3.10 – 3.59 pm: Lunch at the Clam Box in Ipswich with Keith and Melissa. Shared two large boxes of fried clam strips, a mini-meal of fried oysters, one large boxes of fries, small side of onion rings and a medium Diet Coke. Not the healthiest of lunches, but who can resist the first fried clam (strip) of the year? I also don’t feel so terribly about it, since I ate only until I felt full, as opposed to just plowing through a box and a half of clams. Not that I’ve ever done that before…

8.26 pm: Glass of orange juice and a grapefruit. What is this, breakfast?

9.01 pm: These are the times when I wish I had a personal chef, or at least a genie in a bottle. Who’s going to make me something to eat?

9.33 – 10.06 pm: Two hard-boiled eggs diced and mixed with equal amounts ketchup and mayonnaise, and spread on some bread. This is very Filipino — or, at least, it’s very much what my Filipina mother likes to eat. Though I should take a minute to mention that when I say “bread,” I mean pita bread.

11.31 pm: More orange juice, and two Tylenols.

Dinner at Eastern Standard.

My friend Alyssa and I have been talking for ages about getting together one night with our partners, and last night it all finally worked out. I suggested meeting for dinner at Kenmore Square’s Eastern Standard, not knowing that there was a Yankees/Red Sox game finishing up down the street at Fenway. I can get a bit anxious about things like post-game crowds, parking and being late; Keith and I left home with plenty of time, arriving half an hour early. Luckily there is a great (and great-looking) bar at ES, so we were able to get a drink while we waited.

The four of us decided to split two appetizers: baked Raclette cheese, and escargots poached in garlic and butter. It is difficult to go amiss with melty cheese, and it’s even harder when it comes to anything swimming in herb-infused butter — these two were fantastic. Thinly-sliced pieces of apple were suspended in the cheese, adding a truly surprising sweetness to the rich dish. Mixed in with the escargots’ butter were herbs, garlic, and something whose flavor I couldn’t quite place my finger on. Were they leeks? Were they shallots? But honestly, did it even matter? They were delicious.

While I was very much tempted by the hanger steak frites, with marrow-thyme butter and blue cheese, I chose something a little less rich: a crab cake sandwich and a green salad. I was thoroughly in the wrong, by thinking I was ordering a lighter entrée; as I lifted the sandwich, I smelled the wonderful aroma of butter. Neither the crab cake nor the bread tasted overly buttery; it was almost as if the two were enveloped in a sort of butter essence. Each time I brought the sandwich to my mouth, I breathed in its smell, and I have to tell you, I loved it. Next time, though, I’m ordering the frites.

Eastern Standard
528 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, Masschusetts 02215

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Food Diary, Day Two.

9.40 am: Orange juice, while I decide if I want coffee, cereal, both or neither.

10.50 am: Apparently what I want are two more Tylenols.

12.19 pm: Piece of mozzarella, while I wait for the oven to heat up. Suddenly, I am starving.

12.50 – 1.10 pm: Two lamejuns from Eastern Lamejun with lemon juice drizzled over them, and a Diet Coke. I love lamejun, but they can be very dangerous — it is all but impossible to eat just one.

2.00 – 2.10 pm: Still hungry… Bowl of Special K Red Berries with organic skim milk. My taste in cereal is pretty cyclical; I’ll eat one type for months on end, and then I won’t want to eat it again for ages and ages. For years it was Kashi GoLean Crunch! Honey Almond Flax but only with soy milk, then it was assorted Cheerios (regular, Honey Nut, MultiGrain) and Rice Krispies before I settled on Special K. In the beginning I ate the Vanilla Almond, but found it overly sweet; I knew my friend Lexi liked the Red Berries, and though the dehydrated strawberries freaked me out at first, I actually kind of love it now, and buy it in bulk.

5.55 pm: Baking apple cinnamon muffins, even though I don’t particularly like apple cinnamon muffins. They smell amazing though. The batter tastes a bit too sweet for me, but I know Keith will like them.

7.14 – 7.30 pm: Snack of feta, oregano and grape tomatoes with bread, and Diet Coke Number Two.

9.30 pm: Harpoon UFO at the bar at Eastern Standard. What I really want is one of my beloved Kir Royales, but the bar is very crowded and noisy that I don’t think the bartender will hear me. It’s easier to point at the Hefeweizen.

10.00 pm – 12.30 am: Dinner at Eastern Standard with Keith, Alyssa and Guillaume. Shared appetizers of baked Raclette — one of my favorite cheeses — and butter-poached escargots, followed by an entrée of a crab cake sandwich.