Breakfast at Panificio.

img_2232.jpgDuring college, I lived on Beacon Hill and I must say, the historic and romantic cobble-stoned streets are most likely amongst my favorite in the city. Truly, I love the terra cotta colored buildings — I think they’re sandstone? — and though I can never wear anything aside from flats on the uneven brick sidewalks, I’m fond of them too.

Charles Street’s Panificio is an absolutely lovely spot to drop in for an early-morning muffin. The light comes in through the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, whose wide expanse of glass is only broken by the long dark wooden counter… which is where I sat on a cold, sunny morning to have an omelet and a cup of coffee.

I always need several minutes to decide what I’d like to order, in spite of the fact that I invariably go with the very first item that catches my eye. In this case, I spent the time debating the pros and cons of the classic breakfast sandwich (nice and salty versus potentially greasy) before finally choosing the spinach, tomato and feta omelet. I love omelets — mostly because I make horrible omelets — so I was amazingly happy with Panificio’s perfectly fluffy plate. The feta added just the right amount of tangy saltiness to the springy, fresh flavors of the spinach and tomato. You know what though? None of that matters. Don’t go to Panificio for the omelets, or for their crumbly and buttery croissants. Go for the old-world feel, the ambiance. Go and sit at the long counter, while away an hour people-watching and snap open the crinkly pages of a newspaper. Panificio is that sort of place.

144 Charles Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02114

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