Quickly, on Top Chef.

top-chef.jpg I am a huge fan of Top Chef. I TiVo it, I save episodes and make my own mini-marathons, I watch reruns. I also grasp at my sofa’s pillows in the most apprehensive fashion during each and every Quickfire, because the challenge never fails to stress me out. Of course, I’m aware that I’m not on the show, but regardless — just try and tell me the notion of using ten dollars’ worth of vending machine “produce” to create an amuse bouche in twenty minutes is not taxing. The sentence alone puts me on edge.

That all said, I wanted to make one thing clear: I won’t be writing about Top Chef. For one thing, so many others already do. So please, I urge you to read their blogs. They’re funny and observant.

Enjoy the show!

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